Currency Lab Game - an engaging and fun way to learn more about alternative currencies. Players become currency designers and get to collaborate and discuss strategies they can use to overcome the many challenges facing the creation of a new currency.

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The game comes as a PDF that can be printed in any black & white or color printer. The digital file includes the board, all cards and the game rules.

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The current version is 1.0 – the first ever released! We would love to hear your feedback. After you try the game you can send suggestions through our contact page.

About the game:

The game takes place in a world where only one type of currency dominates, and this is causing many problems for the people living there.

The monopoly of one type of currency leaves the worldwide economy without resiliency and subject to harsh ups and downs. Bubbles start to burst with alarming frequency, causing grave damage.

Their interest-bearing, debt-based currency is forcing the economy to unsustainable levels of growth beyond the renewal possibility of their natural and human resources.

The impersonality of the currency makes every economic transaction a cold exchange between strangers, diluting social and community ties. They also face growing wealth inequality.

To fight back, the people in this world took it upon themselves to create several complementary currencies in an attempt to solve some of these problems and build an economical ecosystem much stronger and healthier than before.

Currency Facts:

The game includes a Fact Book with examples of past and present currencies. If you want to learn more about each of them, consult our extended resource list.


The Currency Lab Board Game was created by Lenara Verle and is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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