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Can a Complementary Currency Help End Poverty?
Q&A with John Boik (

The LEDDA alternative currency in a computer simulation: “Take-home family income more than double, income inequality nearly eliminated, and the unemployment rate drop to 1 percent over the 28-year simulation period.”

When Citizen Engagement Saves Lives
by Tiago Peixoto (

“throughout the years participatory budgeting has produced evidence of its effectiveness on a number of fronts (e.g. pro-poor spending)”

Dogecoin, Coinye West and the rise of statement cryptocurrencies
by Carl Miller (

“We are moving towards a complex profusion of different financial regimes – As doge himself would say: “such innovashun”, “much mystery”.

Collaborative Economy Companies Need To Start Sharing More Value With The People Who Make Them Valuable
by Lisa Gansky (

“It’s time for the drivers, hosts, and community members to get a piece of the companies that couldn’t exist without them.”

Connecting for Change: Insights from an Emerging Global Transformation Movement
By Rhonda Fabian (

“A growing community of noted authors, local and global activists, world spiritual figures, economists and ecologists are speaking urgently of a world in crisis and of a simultaneous awakening across many fields of endeavor to a new story, no longer based on greed, competition, and scarcity, but one informed by fresh expressions of cooperation, indigenous wisdom, community-building, sharing, and innovation at all scales from local to global.”

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Lenara Verle

Lenara Verle researches media art, collaboration and alternative currencies.

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