inspiration for new types of money towards a better possible world


Three Economies in the Warhols Currency

The Warhols experimental art currency is coming to the Economia Festival in Eindhoven. Attendees will be able to get and spend their Warhols in three quite different ways.   The Creative Economy is organized...

Illustration by Ilan Katin

Inspiration Feed – 04.10

Sustainable Development, sharing by owning, Tragedy of the Commons debunked, democracy vs inequality & more. links selection – 10.apr.16

Parallel Crossings 02

Zeit ist nicht Geld – Parallel Crossings

It was an inspiring night presenting Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics video, the Spreeblüte local Berlin currency and neighborhood activity group Polly & Bob for the Parallel Crossings festival meeting, along with the CurrencyLab game....

Illustration by Ilan Katin

Inspiration Feed – 01.12

Magna Carta and the commons, Prosperity vs Growth, digital revolution, the super-rich and offshore assets & more. links selection – 12.jan.16


Currency Workshop in Brazil

(abaixo versão em português) Vila Flores is an independent cultural center plus creative space in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and they are developing their own currency, the “Tigrão”. It is named after the neighbor’s dog...

Illustration by Ilan Katin

Inspiration Feed 10.08

cashless economy and high-tech barter, coop upgrade for the sharing economy, global aid and poverty, snuggle for survival & more. links selection – 08.oct.15

Presenting strategies

Solikon Workshop

We played the CurrencyLab game at the Congress on Solidarity Economy and Transformation in Berlin this week. The discussions were great, we had many critical thinkers and we didn’t reach consensus in any of...

Illustration by Ilan Katin

Inspiration Feed 07.26

Vodka and potatoes as currency, basic income experiment, dotcommunism & more … links selection – 26.july.15


Transition Day & “Währungslabor”

For the meeting of Transition Town Berlin & Brandenburg last May, we tried for the first time playing the CurrencyLab game entirely in German language. An official translation is in the plans, but for...

spreebluete bush

Spreeblüte – a currency for Berlin

Could money be freely available like wild flowers blossoming along the river? How can a community create their own independent medium of exchange? Sexy but poor Despite its vibrant art scene and famous tourist...


Warhols experimental art currency

The “Warhols” are inspired by the iconic statement that in an ever-faster-paced world, anyone will have 15 minutes of fleeting fame. At the same time, in a society with increased surveillance and growing levels...

talk and play

Video of Talk&Play presentation and Q&A

Thanks to the great folks from, the video of my presentation of the CurrencyLab board game is online. The Q&A afterwards was fun. Some keywords: #Wörgl and #chickens. Also #kisses and #bitcoin. Luckily...

weekly inspiration

Inspiration Feed 05.14

Inventing currencies, concentration of wealth in Brazil, transformational sharing, behavioural economics & more… links selection – 14.may.15

Talk&Play #12 - photo by Julian Dasgupta

3D Printed Game Pieces & BerlinGameScene

Besides the PDF for the board game and pieces, we are planning to provide also a 3D file for CurrencyLab players to be able to print their own game pieces. The first prototypes for...

weekly inspiration

Inspiration Feed 04.15

Attentional commons, community currencies, quantitative easing for the people & more… links selection  – 15.apr.15


New Education for a New Economy Conference

The dclass conference offered their tickets for purchase with either Euros or a special currency of “Karma”. All but 20 of the tickets were bought with Karma, which could take many forms – from...


Inspiration Feed 03.11

Basic income experiments, divesting from fossil fuel, wealth of the commons & more… links selection  – 11.mar.15


Playing Currency Lab at Transmediale 2015

After the presentation of mcd magazine‘s special “Change Money!” issue, we gathered some people to play test the board game. It was really nice to see everybody engaged, and we got some ideas already...