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inspiration in the form of selected quotes and links from articles collected around the web.

Inspiration Feed – 05.30

Is inequality natural, Commons & Cooperation, climate change, a new era of tolerance brought by new generations & more. links selection – 30.may.18

Inspiration Feed – 08.20

End of capitalism, basic income, beyond renewable energy, useless jobs, garden hacking & more. links selection – 20.aug.17

Inspiration Feed – 11.08

Emancipatory catastrophism, universal basic dividend, post-growth, the commons paradigm & more. links selection – 08.nov.16

Inspiration Feed – 04.10

Sustainable Development, sharing by owning, Tragedy of the Commons debunked, democracy vs inequality & more. links selection – 10.apr.16

Inspiration Feed – 01.12

Magna Carta and the commons, Prosperity vs Growth, digital revolution, the super-rich and offshore assets & more. links selection – 12.jan.16

Inspiration Feed 10.08

cashless economy and high-tech barter, coop upgrade for the sharing economy, global aid and poverty, snuggle for survival & more. links selection – 08.oct.15

Inspiration Feed 07.26

Vodka and potatoes as currency, basic income experiment, dotcommunism & more … links selection – 26.july.15

Inspiration Feed 05.14

Inventing currencies, concentration of wealth in Brazil, transformational sharing, behavioural economics & more… links selection – 14.may.15

Inspiration Feed 04.15

Attentional commons, community currencies, quantitative easing for the people & more… links selection  – 15.apr.15

Inspiration Feed 03.11

Basic income experiments, divesting from fossil fuel, wealth of the commons & more… links selection  – 11.mar.15

Inspiration Feed 01.15

local currencies, bullshit jobs, collaborative funding, debating the sharing economy, revolution paradigms & more… links selection  – 15.jan.15

Inspiration Feed 01.08

currency design, solar energy, giving directly, cuban coops & more… links selection  – 08.jan.15

Inspiration Feed 01.01

computer simulated currencies, participatory budgeting, statement cryptocurrencies & more… links selection  – 01.jan.15