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Three Economies in the Warhols Currency

The Warhols experimental art currency is coming to the Economia Festival in Eindhoven. Attendees will be able to get and spend their Warhols in three quite different ways.   The Creative Economy is organized...

Subversive Economies at Nuvem

(abaixo versão em português) The rural station for art & technology nuvem.tk gathered this December a group to exchange “proposals, ideas, elucubrations – practical or theoretical, fictional or in progress – aiming to subvert...

Inspiration Feed 10.08

cashless economy and high-tech barter, coop upgrade for the sharing economy, global aid and poverty, snuggle for survival & more. links selection – 08.oct.15

Solikon Workshop

We played the CurrencyLab game at the Congress on Solidarity Economy and Transformation in Berlin this week. The discussions were great, we had many critical thinkers and we didn’t reach consensus in any of...

Inspiration Feed 05.14

Inventing currencies, concentration of wealth in Brazil, transformational sharing, behavioural economics & more… links selection – 14.may.15

New Education for a New Economy Conference

The dclass conference offered their tickets for purchase with either Euros or a special currency of “Karma”. All but 20 of the tickets were bought with Karma, which could take many forms – from...

Inspiration Feed 01.15

local currencies, bullshit jobs, collaborative funding, debating the sharing economy, revolution paradigms & more… links selection  – 15.jan.15

Inspiration Feed 01.08

currency design, solar energy, giving directly, cuban coops & more… links selection  – 08.jan.15

Inspiration Feed 01.01

computer simulated currencies, participatory budgeting, statement cryptocurrencies & more… links selection  – 01.jan.15