Inspiration Feed – 05.30

Is inequality natural, Commons & Cooperation, climate change, a new era of tolerance brought by new generations & more.

links selection – 30.may.18

The Science of Flow Says Extreme Inequality Causes Economic Collapse
by Sally Goerner (

Some degree of inequality is natural, but extreme inequality violates two core principles of systemic health: circulation and balance.”.

Peer-to-peer: a new opportunity for the left
By Michel Bauwens & Vasilis Kostakis (

If the move from microeconomic P2P communities to a new “macroeconomic” dominant modality of value creation and distribution is successful, a transition phase towards a commons-centric economy and society can occur. This will be the revolution of our times, and a fundamental shift in the rules and norms that decide what value is and how it is produced and distributed in society.”

To deal with climate change we need a new financial system
By Jason Hickel (

Our economic system is incompatible with life on this planet.”

The Kids Are All Right (and These Surprising Statistics Prove It)
by Mike Males (

They’re leading a revolution. Statistics look like typos, but they’re real. Americans under 25 are bringing a new era of tolerance, education, and vastly improved behaviors while older folks are acting worse.”

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