3D Printed Game Pieces & BerlinGameScene

Talk&Play #12 - photo by Julian Dasgupta

Besides the PDF for the board game and pieces, we are planning to provide also a 3D file for CurrencyLab players to be able to print their own game pieces.

The first prototypes for the pieces were tested during the “Talk & Play”, a bi-montly event by BerlinGameScene.com, where local game developers gather to meet, chat and bring their games to be playtested.

We also had the opportunity to give a short talk about the game before the play sessions. As expected, the majority of the audience knew about Bitcoin, but only one person had heard of the W├Ârgl, and none of the Cubo Card and the Bangla-Pesa, which are some of the examples featured in the game’s booklet.

There was a lively Q&A afterwards and the audience seemed to share the interest for one of my favorite topics, the Gift Economy. Below some pictures of the event. (*NEW* Click to watch the video of the presentation and Q&A)

talk and play 11155032_10153787075804392_8794482039482944654_o 11164678_10153787075654392_298113509612390467_o talk and play
talk and play talk and play
talk and play board1

* photos by Julian Dasgupta & Ilan Katin

Lenara Verle

Lenara Verle researches media art, collaboration and alternative currencies.

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