Warhols presentation & brainstorm at ISEA Vancouver

warhols workshop isea 2015

How can a currency be connected to obscurity & fame? This was one of the questions we discussed during the currency design workshop at ISEA 2015 in Vancouver, Canada.

A small but very dedicated and diverse group learned some facts about alternative currencies, played the CurrencyLab game, and then helped us with ideas for the experimental art currency “Warhols“.

We got insights from heavy duty smartphones users and from someone who sent their first SMS one week ago. From academics and professionals, and coming from diverse countries and environments.

The participants got the opportunity to sponsor (choosing content they find valuable and worthwhile) the first batch of Warhols to be issued when the currency is launched. We plan to develop it inside the Telegram messaging app, drawing inspiration from the M-Pesa, a lower-tech and highly succesfull system of money transfer by SMS used in Kenya.

Warhols interface

Lenara Verle

Lenara Verle researches media art, collaboration and alternative currencies.

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