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mcd magazine launch at the Transmediale

The English version of the “We Grow Money, We Eat Money, We Shit Money” special issue will be launched this January 31st, 1:30 PM at the HKW cafe stage in Berlin. The event is free and open...

Time Bank Currency - Design Lawrence Weiner. Photo Julieta Aranda

Artists as Bankers, Currency as Art

Alternative currencies can be developed as emergency responses to an economic crisis and lack of enough “official” currency, or as proactive initiatives to foster local and underserved economies, but can also be created as...


Currency Lab game is out

The first version of our board game is now available for download at Gumroad! It’s a print-yourself file that includes the board, the rules, the challenge and strategy cards, plus a special Fact Book with examples...


Inspiration Feed 01.15

local currencies, bullshit jobs, collaborative funding, debating the sharing economy, revolution paradigms & more… links selection  – 15.jan.15

printed article

Changer l’argent

“Change the Money” is the theme for mcd magazine’s new special issue and it includes the article “Artists as Bankers, Currency as Art“, which you can read in English here at Coinspiration. The printed...


The 100 Euro Dinner

A performance by Richard Pettifer, Sonja Hornung and Carrie McIlwain The idea for “the Dinner” performance came up when a relative from Australia gave the artists 100 euro as a gift. The instructions said it should be...


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currency design, solar energy, giving directly, cuban coops & more… links selection  – 08.jan.15


Thank you beta testers!

One round took two hours!  The first test play of the game exceeded our expectations in many ways. We got some very useful suggestions for optional rules and tweaks that will make the game more interesting. The next step...


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computer simulated currencies, participatory budgeting, statement cryptocurrencies & more… links selection  – 01.jan.15